Parrot island the hidden jewel of Andaman

Parrot Island

Not many people are aware of the amazing things that this Indian union Territory has to provide to its connoisseurs, particularly the Indian tourists, who are part of this group of individuals. They search for better and much more adventurous locations outside the Indian subcontinent when they think about a beach getaway or adventure sports related to water. However, a trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands may easily remove their preconceived ideas of India lacking in gorgeous and exciting beach tourist spots.

One such fantastic but uninhabited island, located to the south of the Andaman, that guarantees the variety of beach vacation spots on the Indian soil, is definitely the Parrot Island. This particular island is a portion of the Baratang region, located in the southern part of Andaman Island and can be reached from the Baratang jetty. There are many things to be appreciated at the Parrot Island that you need to know before traveling the bare landscapes of the island.

Quick facts about parrot island, Baratang

Every single island in Andaman possesses its own listing of attractions besides the spotless beaches as well as magnificent waters, and so does the Parrot Island. Rather, in the case of this particular island, you can also appreciate several special views even along the way.

In addition, to this there are a few private speed boats which operate services to Ross Island. The cost of these private boats may vary according to the boat type and season. The journey to Ross island from Port Blair takes about 30 mins. There is no lodging facility in Ross Island and everybody must leave Ross Island by evening.

  • To start with, the island needs to be reached using a dinghy boat since there are absolutely no launch services obtainable from the Baratang jetty and after that you require moving across a creek, which is a stunning but scary ride.
  • While you are going to reach the island you will observe a totally different variety of mangrove trees because these trees appear to be evenly cut, giving the feeling of an artificial mangrove garden.
  • Now, you might think how is that feasible? Well, the answer derives from the reason behind the origins of this island's name. Each evening numerous parrots head to the island and prune the trees using their blood red beaks throughout their overnight stay. All these parrots once again leave the next morning, and then return to this island the next evening.
  • Besides the parrots, visitors can even see a big group of parakeets that are usually multicolored and are probably the most beautiful birds to reside on earth.
  • Lastly, the sunset at this Island is definitely an incredible sight, because it not only unveils the horizon where the ocean and the sky meet but also signifies the time for the coming of these lovely parrots as well as parakeets.

While you are on the Parrot Island Andaman, you should either stay at the guesthouses located on this island at night or leave when there is still sufficient natural lighting left, otherwise, you might lose your path to the Baratang jetty whilst traversing by the vast extends of the Bay Of Bengal.

However, whatever might be the timing of departure, you need to make a trip to this island, in case you are fond of the amazing things of nature not to mention birds.