A honeymoon trip is the most memorable trip for a couple as it is the first romantic getaway they have as a married couple. For this reason, it is important to choose a destination that has amazing activities and scenery...

A honeymoon trip is the most memorable trip for a couple since it is the first romantic getaway they have as a married couple. For this reason, it is important to choose a destination that has amazing activities and scenery where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company. If you would like to experience the best honeymoon vacations, then you should choose one of the Andaman honeymoon packages in Andaman Islands.

This important because it enables you to have as much fun as possible during the honeymoon which is important for building long lasting memories that you will be narrating to your children and grandchildren. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of the best places to spend your honeymoon. There are numerous Andaman-Nicobar-islands-honeymoon-packages you can take advantage of.

Situated between India to the West and Myanmar to the North the islands for an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. Whether you just like to relax with your partner or experience new adventures in the islands together, this is your chance to live your dream.

Andaman is considered to be the hottest destination for newlyweds. It is a place which is blessed with natural beauty and it's the most idyllic place for you to spend some of your precious moments of your life.

You can discover the Andaman Islands, see the various tourist attractions or explore the beaches by choosing one of the honeymoon packages. There are plenty of things you can do around the beautiful islands. You can spend your time by enjoying the magnificent views, with endless sea, exotic beaches, deep forests and magnificent hills. Or you can just relax on the silver beaches by your resort.

At nights you can have a candlelit dinner under the moon. The beachside honeymoon setups for candlelit lit dinners are amazing and can make you experience a very romantic dinner with your partner. Just make sure that your special dinner is organized near your beach resort, where you

can see the sea, the moon and the amazing beach by night.

There are plenty more reasons why you should choose Andaman honeymoon vacations. You can enjoy an unforgettable vacation to Havelock, Neil Island and Port Blair. Be it the Cellular Jail or Ross Island, there are sights that will cherish and will stay in your memory forever. Keep in mind that Andaman tour packages offer you with a plenty of sporting options, such as water activities, snorkeling, sea walking, fishing, boating parasailing, surfing, kayaking, and scuba diving. You can choose with your partner whatever you want to do and you can experience everything. There is always a guide that will accompany you in your underwater activities, after he'll give you the basic instructions. In addition, you are provided with life jackets or rings during your water activities in Andaman Islands.

Keep in mind also that Andaman Islands not only for people who can spend a lot of money. There are also some 4 star resorts in Andaman Islands that start with Rupees 8000 per night, but you can find more endless possibilities according to your budget. You can actually find a number of different honeymoon packages for a dream honeymoon.

Many resorts offer even private bungalows, where you and your partner can enjoy each other's company without begin disturbed. The services at the resorts are amazing and the staff know when to be of help or discreet. Even though you'll have your privacy whenever you want, you will have the opportunity to taste great food and be able to enjoy the marvelous sunsets. Andaman Islands are connected to the mainland by ferries and flights form Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam and Kolkata.

Tips for honeymooners

Plan your honeymoon well in advance to get best deals on hotels and flights. Last minute flights to Andamans could put a huge dent on your savings, and even more during peak season. You can check flight rates in more than 700 flight and hotel booking sites or contact usfor the best deals on flights and hotels.
Andamans boast as one of the very few places in India to provide the top diving spots and coral reefs. Do experience scuba diving, sea walk, the jet ski and other wide range of activities and make memories of this trip last a lifetime.
A romantic candlelit dinner by the ocean, a full course dinner, wine beneath the stars, the sound of the ocean and sand beneath your feet. No couple should miss this. Contact us to set up an exclusive location by the beach with you loved one.

More Tips

When you are planning for activities like scuba diving and sea walk do remember that these require training and licensing. These cannot be done impromptu, so you will be required to keep a buffer of few days at hand as these might take your whole day.
Trip to Andaman islands is basically fun in sea and sand. Most people ignore the importance of sunscreen lotion and take home a massive tan or sun burns along with long lasting memories with them. Some secluded places might not have necessary medical care keep some sun screen handy and also important medicines that you might require while on a trip.
Never compromise on safety, especially when on cruises, ferries, water sport activities. Never get on boats without life jackets and other safety equipments. Be responsible so that you and your family have a safe and memorable trip to the emarald islands.

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