With countless of activities to do, a visit to Leh Ladakh is never boring. Below is a list of the fun activities that you can become engaged in during your visit to Leh Ladakh.

1. A nature walk to the beautiful hill tops in Leh Ladakh can be quite enjoyable, more so if you bring your family to accompany you. There are also numerous explored and unexplored natural trails and villages in Leh Ladakh that are ideal for hiking.

2. If you and your family are into water sports, then a visit to Leh Ladakh is in order. Among

the water sports, river rafting stands out as the most thrilling and exciting. The best place for this activity is in Leh Ladakh and you don't even have to be experienced to try it..

3. Skiing is one of the most adrenaline kicking and fun things to do here. The best places for skiing in Leh Ladakh is Narkanda and Solang valley.

4. There are many beautiful temples that Leh Ladakh has to offer. Examples of such beautiful temples include hadimba temple in Leh Ladakh and Kali Bora temple in Leh Ladakh. A visit to one or more of these temples will give you one of the most beautiful spiritual experience.

5. There is a certain kind of appeal that the Buddhist monasteries add to Leh Ladakh. Whether small or huge, you will always find yourself amazed by their breathtaking architecture and decor.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive but intended as a guide of the reasons for visiting Leh Ladakh.

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